An interesting take on the whys of home schooling.

I think this woman really nailed a lot of components of why I want to home school long term.  (As in, I am already home schooling right now.  I try to keep that in mind each day, because at no point in human development do we learn more quickly than we do as infants and toddlers.)  The older I get, the more painfully aware I become of the time limitations we have here in mortality.  So, the idea of sending my children off five days a week for nine hours a day, with only some unknown percentage of their day is spent on things that I consider of worth, is a bit distasteful to me.

Anyhow.  Don't worry about the social development of my children just yet.  Paul's still not on board.


Angela said...

Haha, that is a great post. It surprises me how many moms of preschoolers only are in our homeschool group. It is only $20/yr and you might check out the local one there. You're able to meet other awesome families who are further in their journey than ya'll are. Knowing other awesome HS families is what got us interested in the first place. I always thought those people were weird til we lived in Idaho and had two great friends who raised wonderful HS kids. Anyway good luck.

Melissa Stover said...

thanks for the link and good luck on your decision to homeschool!