Date Night

I had enrichment tonight, so Paul decided it would be fun for him and Ella to go get a treat together. Naturally we needed a picture to comemorate the first of many Daddy-Daughter dates. They went in search of Burger King fries, but had to settle for an inferior brand. Sad. But still had a nice time.

In other news, upon expressing my concerns of frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions to my doctor he said "I'm not worried about lots of contractions. You're 34 weeks. If the baby started coming, we wouldn't stop it." To which I replied, "Not! This baby will not come for another month and a half. I am NOT ready!" He just laughed. But I'm serious. No babies. I'll put myself on bedrest, laying upside-down if I have to. (Don't anyone else get your hopes up either. He really just thinks my uterus is priming up more effectively than last time. Keep it up cervix, hold that baby in 'til Spring Break!)


The Jacksons said...

Wow. I can't believe you are already 34 weeks. How fun. It is coming so fast.
And what a sweet picture of your daughter and your hubby!

Emily said...

So cute! I can't wait to see your next little one!