Christensen Christmas Pictures

Well, Christmas vacation was great. Mostly we just ate food and played games. Paul commented today that he wished he had slept more... but we were too busy playing. I am still recovering from the last night there when we stayed up until 2am with Richard, Jess, and Amanda (yes there are two Jess Christensens in our family), and then woke up at 5am to catch a flight back to Houston. There were moments on that plane when I really and truly thought I might pass out from exhaustion. And I was sitting there hoping that they wouldn't delay the plane departure just because a pregnant lady fainted. I can be a little dramatic in my own head.

It was also great because Ella has only spent limited time with her paternal relatives. This used to be true of her maternal relatives, but four months of living near Houston has cured that. We see my family pretty frequently now. Anyhow, it was nice to even things out. She is at a really fun age when she's really willing to go to anyone, and I think I saw her approach everyone in the family with her arms raised hoping to be picked up (and probably fed something, she most often wants to be held in the kitchen. She's a nomad, she follows the food).

I was looking through pictures of the trip and feeling a little ridiculous, because we obviously only get out the camera when Ella is around. I was hoping to find a good picture of me and my burgeoning belly... but no such luck. There is still a baby in there, and she is getting big! She's getting to that stage where I can't ignore her anymore. You know, fist in the hip joint, feet in the ribs, huge movements transform my whole stomach. She is a little more invasive than I remember Ella being... but with Ella I didn't spend a lot of time carrying around small children, so maybe it's just the situation. Who knows. I cannot wait to meet her anyway. I am starting to get a bit antsy, which is good. I began the pregnancy not really sure if we were really ready. So I'm ready! It's time to go through baby clothes and work on my d
iaper stash. (We started part-time cloth diapering Ella at 6 months, so I only have big baby diapers. I love cloth diapering. I am seriously shocked at how well it works for us.)

So that's the news here! Pictures (of Ella) below!

Ella and Grandma Lee.Ella and Paul's mom Susan, wearing the outfit Paul's parents brought Ella home from India.

Paul and his dad, Jeff.

Grandpa and Ella. So cute.


Susan said...

I love the green shirt over the Small Paul jammies :)

Susan said...

What an attractive family! Think of the good gene pool for your unborn child . . .