Dear Crock Pot,
Thank you for making split pea soup for us this afternoon so Ella and I could have fun at the Children's Museum instead of watching a pot.

Dear Bread Machine,
Thanks for the warm loaf goodness that will be waiting for me at home and will go so well with the soup.

Dear Dishwasher,
Thanks for doing my work for me last night after I went to bed. I owe you one.

Dear Washing Machine,
Thanks for washing all the new baby's clothes so I could fulfill my nesting urges with minimal effort on my part.

Dear Body,
Thanks for growing a perfect baby all day every day for the last eight months. I can't wait to meet your creation.

Life is good.



The Jacksons said...

I can't wait to see your little one either!!

Sara G said...

Such a cute post...I'm so glad I subscribed to your blog, you make me laugh. How are you? Looks like you've had a fun day. Sorry I got back to you so late the other day. We should do something during the day while the husbands are studying for finals. Let me know when's good time.

Sarah and Troy said...

What would mothers do without all that help?