Vitamin D.

All day today. No need for dietary supplements here. We got our recommended daily intake straight from the Sun. It was glorious. Thank you, Texas, for feeding my solar addiction all year long.

In other news, I took Ella grocery shopping while wearing big girl underwear. (Both of us were, actually. But it was only a new experience for one of us.) Granted, she "went" right before we left the house so it wasn't a big risk... but you gotta start somewhere, right? We've been potty-learning at home for about a month and a half-- so it's fun to take this new step. I still don't anticipate her being fully trained for a while. I initiate "going" about 70% of the time. But she's definitely on the right track.

Stay warm!

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doting mom said...

Awwww, she looks so cute on her new "bike"!! And you can't beat a winter day like yesterday, can you?
Love you, sweetie, see you soon.