There is so much in life I still do not know.

I was informed by Archie this morning that now that I have a blog, I need to be updating it every other day. I had no idea of the time committment involved in this new venture! Here I am, only four days in to the wonderful world of blogging and I am already one post behind!

Lucky for me, I have a daughter who has decided she does not want to nap alone during the day anymore. So I have to find things to do in a sitting or standing position, so that she will be completely comfortable during her nap. I am hoping this is just a phase, because only a few days ago, she would take one or two naps on her own, and just one nap in the wrap with me. She has also decided that she needs to eat twice each night again, instead of the one 4 am feeding that we had all grown to love. The problem with that is that now, when she wakes up for the first time, I have only been asleep for two hours, and I am completely disoriented. Last night Paul had to get out of bed and get her for me, because I just did not know what was going on. I was just laying in bed, wondering why a baby was crying; so confused! It was only once he fetched our sweet child that I realized what was happening and sat up to feed her. Even more amusing was when she awoke for the second time last night, I did not even remember falling back asleep, I just woke up wondering why there was a baby in my bed. Needless to say I need a nap. But Ella has flatly refused to fall asleep unless she is wrapped up with her mom. So after trying for two hours this morning to get her down, I relented, and put her in the wrap. She is sleeping quite soundly now. I only wish the same could be true for me.

I am including this picture of Ella not only as proof that she did at one time sleep on her own, but further reinforcement of how dang tall she is. I am glad that we didn't buy a bassinette, because I think that she would have been too tall for it at birth. I checked out some of the growth charts on the internet, Ella is the size of an average 4-5 month old baby. What a champ.

Paul is home from Melaleuca's annual convention, and despite working fourteen hour days while he was there, had a really good time. Next year the convention will be held in Orlando, Florida, and we are thinking that maybe I should come along with him, and do my mothering on the beach.

I love the beach... but I hate sea water. I have this uncanny fear of sharks. The last time I was in Florida (with roommates on a roadtrip) I was lounging in the ocean and caught a glimpse of my float underneath the water, but instead of my brain processing the visual at a reasonable rate, my initial conclusion was that I was seeing a shark, ready to attack. It wasn't until I was halfway back to shore that I realized that sharks aren't pink and orange. The very sad thing is that all four of us were out in the water together at that very moment. Did I stop to think of my roommates? No. I left them in the dust to fend for themselves against the foul creature. May the best swimmer win.

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Archiemc said...

You are a great blogger!! see that wasn't hard at all, and we got a picture of Ella to boot.

Mom and Arch