I'm trying not to be embarrassed about blogging.

At the request of my doting mother, I have started a blog. If you want the awful truth, I set this blog up months ago... way before we had anything going on that would be of interest to anyone (i.e. Ella). So I just changed the title and voila. I hadn't even posted anything yet. (It just goes to show how dedicated I was to blogging.) The upshot of this whole thing is that I now have another way to devote my entire existence to my child.

Ella is sleeping right now, and I have considered taking another picture of her to commemorate this event (the blog, not the nap). But unfortunately, it would simply resemble all the other photos I have of her. She's still naked.

We did, however, get dressed today to go to the doctor's office. She weighed in at 13 lbs., 15.5 oz. (Off the chart for her age.) And measured 24 and 3/4 in. (Also off the chart for her age.) The doctor's comment was, "Well, it looks like her weight caught up to her height." He is very insightful. So she is a healthy growing baby. She received her first round of vaccinations today, as well. We both cried for a while. It was pretty rough.

In other news, my Papa John's pizza has just arrived. (Paul is out of town, so he has encouraged me to spend money on myself... in hopes, I think, to buy my love when he is not here to give it.) I ordered the whole wheat crust and my advice for you all is: don't. If you're going to have pizza, it is ridiculous to try to make it healthy. It was a temporary lapse of judgement and I apologize. Well my little darling is crying for her mother. Much love and whole-hearted devotion to you all.

PS This is a picture of Ella sleeping in her new wrap. She continues to love being cuddled by anyone who is willing.


dotting mom said...

Thanks fot the Post!! you and little Ella are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

My little niece is SO cute! You and Paul are cute too.