The first thing you notice about Ella is her lack of teeth. She is missing four across the top. It has given her a little lisp , which is (I think) completely darling. But it does not stop her from talking. 

She has reached a point where she loves to talk to anyone, especially strangers. She loves to tell people at the store how old she is and when her birthday is , and how she is on the swim team. Luckily she doesn't know her social security number or my maiden name, or we might be at major risk for identity theft.

Her best friend du jour is Eliza and they are on the swim team together. We are also in the same homeschool group, and most recently, now attend the same church. (Our ward boundaries were recently rearranged.) So they are in the same church class, too. 

The majority of the time she is obedient and eager to help. She is darling with Max and mothers him, which is fun to see. Their relationship is very different from Charlotte and Max's relationship. 

She recently saved up her money and bought an umbrella. Let me clarify, she saved up her money (for weeks) so she could buy her own umbrella. We lucked out that day because it rained like crazy as we were coming out of the store and when we got home, so they got to actually use the umbrella for its intended purpose. I have no idea what the appeal of an umbrella was, but I did help her find a good sale. She has gotten good at saving her money, and I think her next goal is to buy three minutes on one of those crazy trampolines hooked up to a bungee cord. It is seven dollars. 

I don't know if cheapness runs in the Christensen genes, or if it is passed on by children observing their family, but she is already showing signs of it. Here is a conversation that occurred today in the Wendy's parking lot:

(Context, I bought one frosty to share among the four of us.)
Charlotte: When I'm a mom, I am going to buy a Frosty for every kid I have. (In a snotty, angry tone.)
Ella: You mean you are just going to waste all your money buying Frosties for everyone when they don't even need their own. 

Not kidding. 

Ella loves to read and is reading at a second grade level. She often surprises me with the words she reads.  She has progressed a lot this summer, and it will be interesting to see how that plays in to school in the Fall. 

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