After about six months of giving Charlotte allowance, she is just starting to be interested in it. We probably started allowance too early with her, but we decided to give Ella an allowance, so it made sense to do the same with Charlotte. I imagine for Max we will just have a rule that allowance starts when you turn four. 

Until the last couple of week Charlotte mostly just gave her allowance to Ella. Not kidding. And then Ella would buy things for both of them. (Without prompting.) She's a good kid. So it worked well enough. But Charlotte recently bought this bear at an estate sale with her allowance, and took it home with her as proud as can be, buckling it safely in the car seat. 

Charlotte is also starting to show an interest in letters and writing and words. I have been waiting for this to happen for a while. It stressed me out at first that she didn't seem to care, but I got over it and just waited. I'm glad I did. She has learned her letters quickly and I think she will be ready to try reading on for size when we start school back up in the Fall.

She is very social and will gladly play with anyone available. She and Max are buddies, as well as she and Ella. She also loves her cousin Soren, who is almost three and lives just 10 minutes away from us. She asks to have him over to play regularly. She has other friends from church and other homeschool activities, too. She is not big on independent play, and it bugs her when Ella wants to play alone. Luckily, Max is nearly always willing to be with her.

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Jess and Richard said...

Soren and Charlotte obviously need to play more, Soren doesn't like playing alone either. And boy does he love that girl!