Ella prays.

"Please bless us to be safe from lions, monsters, and cheetahs, and that they won't eat us."

(A few days later, after I explained to her that lions and cheetahs are not really a danger in our country because we keep them in cages.)

"Please bless the lions and cheetahs not to get out of their cages."

"Please bless us that we will get bigger and not turn back into babies."

"Bless everyone I don't know, that I will meet them soon."

"Please bless everyone, the brown kids, the white kids, everyone."
(Where does she come up with this stuff?!)

"Bless us that we will remember to wash our hands after we touch our bottoms."

And my personal favorite:

"Please bless everyone in the whole wide world."

I just love that girl.


Anonymous said...

That is so adorable!

Gabby and Jason said...

So cute. I'm someone in the whole wide world AND I've never met Ella... double blessed in one prayer!

Keri and Neal said...

Kids rock! We are to be specific in our prayers and I believe she has done that. It does make me want to check and see if the bathroom soap dispensers are filled though.

Emily D said...

Francisco is laughing hysterically. Please write more of this stuff! We love it.