Remember when I used to be better at blogging?

I do.

But at least I have a three year old who LOVES to take pictures, so when I consult my archive of photos I have hundreds (literally) to choose from.  Just from last week.

I would say that a solid twenty percent of the pictures that Ella takes are self-portraits.  Another twenty percent are of strangers and/or random cars.  Another ten percent are too blurry to identify.  Forty-nine percent of Ella's pictures consist in what I like to call "still-lifes".  You know, the carpet, houseplants, door handles; and often when she finds a shot she really loves, there will be five or seven in a row.  Hence the reason I have a total of eight photos of an orange reusable shopping bag.  The remaining one percent are actually kind of good.

And so photo credit for the above photo goes to Ella. There were also some lovely shots of my legs, but I opted not to use those.  Maybe next time.


Bonnie said...

You are so cute, Jessica!

Ruth said...

Hey Jessica!
It's Ruth, Barbara K's d-i-l. Sorry it's taken me so long to leave a comment and the link to our blog (even though I've been checking your blog since we were still in Dallas):
Hope we can keep in touch!

Love this post about the photos. It's way cute. I also know the feeling about being a less-than-regular blogger these days. Will it ever get better?