Writer's Block.

I think I am just out of practice.  But it is rare that I sit in front of this computer screen and can think of nothing to write.

I am still waiting for inspiration.  It's hard to see the time lapse when you're just reading the post.  But trust me, it is bad.

Part of the problem is that we have been taking life a little slow this week.  So there's not much news.  It is a nice change, and it's good to get back to the basics, and establish my balance again.  I'm not there yet.  Is balance this hard for everyone?  Or am I just untalented?

One day.

I am considering scrapping this entire post.  This is kind of ridiculous.

Or maybe I'll just keep the post and call it a night.  Maybe everyone will be distracted by the very sweet  baby at the top, and fail to notice my miserable attempt at prose.

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ElenaMorganQTPie said...

I loved it :D Balance IS HARD...seriously hard...and you don't need news :) Just 'hearing' (I know it's really reading but I can hear your voice in the written words so it's almost as good) from you s delightful :D You're a keeper.