Two words.

So, Paul came home from work yesterday, and Charlotte starts toddling over to him and says, "Hi, Dad!"  (Well, she actually said "Da", but we knew what she meant.)  And he looks at me with these big wide eyes, and then looks back at Charlotte and says, "Hi, Char!"  And then she does it again.  "Hi, Dad!"  It was crazy.

She said "Hi, Ma!" to me this morning.  So we're even.  Not that I'm keeping score :)

Pictured above is Charlotte's favorite place in the whole world.  It is the stool Ella stands on to help me cook.  And if I even leave it out for one minute after it's been in use, she hurries over to it and stands there, surveying the world at such a great height.  Until we hurry over and take her down and put the stool away.

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