Women of the World Unite.

It occurred to me as I was putting on makeup Tuesday night, that I was merely one of thousands preparing to join in a sisterhood and celebrate... silliness.

Yep. I did it. I saw the midnight showing of Eclipse. It was a grand excuse for a much needed "Girl's Night". And I loved every minute of it. (Every minute of the girl's night. The movie was... basically a movie.)

And honestly, isn't that what this is all about? Three hours to pretend that you are not the responsible adult that you really are every other hour of your life. Five hours, if you count the waiting in line part. Six and a half hours if you count the time you spent meeting at a friend's house, eating cheesecake, and making tee-shirts to commemorate the event.

I told Paul our plan for the night. "Are you going to write things on your tee-shirt like 'Bite me, Edward?'" was his response. Deep down he really wanted one for himself.

And so, without sanctioning the books, movies, or posters, I boldly proclaim my whole-hearted approval of a reason to stay up until three in the morning and eat cheesecake with wild abandon.


The Jolley Family said...

It was an awesome girls' night!

Heather said...

sounds i am team jacob too! miss you

Sarah and Troy said...

It's my night to feel young too. I wish I was as cool as you and had made a shirt.

Emily said...

I agree with you 100%.
I did make a shirt as well but kind of cheated by just adding vampire teeth to my husband's rolling stones shirt that had a big mouth on it.
Although as proof that I am old and boring, I did fall asleep for part of the movie.