Ouch! Charlie, that really hurts!

I didn't know it was possible for a two year old and a four month old to love each other. I figured my girls would just tolerate one another until they were old enough to really play together. Not so. It was a forceful reminder this morning when Paul and I divided up shopping duties. I took Charlotte, he took Ella. When we met back up together, Ella ran toward us yelling "Baby!!", and when I picked her up to let her see Charlotte in the shopping cart, Charlotte broke out into this enormous grin. There must be some of that premortal life bonding stuff lingering on. I only wish I could remember if Charlotte, Ella, and Linds used to let me hang out with them back in premortality.

Because they are already best friends, Ella has found a game that they can play together. She puts her finger in Charlotte's mouth, and then quickly retracts it yelling, "Ow! Ow! Ow!" She is pretty convincing. The first time she did it in front of Paul, he thought she was really hurt. She then grins at Charlotte and admonishes her, "No, Baby." I couldn't figure out why she decided to play out such a strange interaction. We have been working on not biting... but that was a couple of months ago. She engages in lots of imaginative play, so I just wrote it off. Until I was telling my mother about this new game. And she informed me that the last time Ella stayed with them, they watched YouTube videos together. Yeah. That's right. Ella watched the famous Charlie biting his older brother. Classic.
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