Happy Saturday! Paul made us a yummy breakfast this morning, and as we finished up Ella looked at him and asked, "Dadd'n mi-ming?" (Mi-ming = Swimming, ask me how long that took to figure out. Weeks. She talked about swimming for weeks without me even remotely understanding what she meant.) Mi-ming is a question that is asked at least three times a day, and invariably after dinner.

This is because, four times out of five, we go swimming after dinner. And at least twice a week Ella and Charlotte and I go while Paul is at work. Plus once or twice on Saturdays. And Ella loves it. Sometimes we put a floatie on her, and sometimes not. Regardless of her floatation devices, she fearlessly and tirelessly explores the pool.

So much fun.
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Heather said...

so cute. gosh, they grow up too fast.

Susan said...

That is the face of happiness!