Who the heck is "Honey"?

My sister Laurel decided early on in Ella's life that Aunt Laurel is too hard for a baby to say. (This was back when Ella was a baby.) So she became Aunt La-La. I am not sure if Ella loves Aunt La-La because Laurel fawns all over her. Or because she can say her name. Maybe she would talk about everyone else if she only could. Or maybe she does talk about everyone in the family, and I simply don't understand. Whatever the reason, Ella spends a fair amount of time talking about Aunt La-La. Don't ask me what she says. All I understand is "La-La". (If you can imagine.)

After our most recent family gathering, Ella began talking about "Honey" in the back seat. "Do you want to eat honey?" I asked. No. "Honey, your baby doll?" (I named her baby doll Honey, mostly because it's a word she can already say.) No. Then she brought things into context by mentioning La-La. "Oh! Uncle Hunter!?!" "YEAH!" was her enthusiastic reply. Um, basically, could there be any cuter couple than Uncle Honey and Aunt La-La? I mean, linguistically cuter. I think not.

We have been trying to get Ella to call Hunter "Uncle Huh-Huh". But mostly because it annoys him. I think I like Honey better.

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Gabby and Jason said...

Even without knowing La-La & Honey, I love this story and your cute little family! Your girls are so stinking adorable!!

p.s. When my sister and I played make-believe as little kids, I always named myself La-La. I think it's a perfectly lovely name. :D