Turning the camera around.


I made Ella a book for her first birthday entitled "When Ella was a Baby" with pictures of her and the family and other various milestones. She loves to read it. But she calls it her "Dadd'n Book". (She calls Paul Dadd'n, with the occasional 'Dad', or more recently, 'Paul', thrown in.) The reason she calls it her Dadd'n book is because the only pictures of me in there are the ones of me pregnant with her. I may as well be an invisible influence in her life, according to our camera. Since I'm (marginally) more obsessed with Ella than Paul, I am usually the one taking the pictures. So I opted for a self-portrait of Charlotte and I when we visited the waterpark last week. Charlotte has not gotten the hang of looking at or smiling for the camera. The least she could do is look a little sassy. I think vague is a nice word to describe this look.

The upside of the waterpark is that we had a blast. There were three pools, two of them had a maximum depth of 24" or something, so Ella got to explore her little guts out. There were a couple of little slides, too. The third pool had "grown-up" slides, so Paul and I got a few thrills thrown in the mix. It was a fun day. The downside of our day being that this was the only cute shot of the day. And I'm the only one who looks cute in it. Oh well, the memories can live on in our hearts, if not our hard drive.

Oh yeah. And we have the internet. And Paul took Charlotte to the store while I was putting Ella to bed. And it doesn't take that long. (Although she is not asleep, strictly speaking. She is yelling things from her 'room' (closet) such as "Mom? Park? Yeah?" "Mom, tee-tee?") So here I am. If anyone has the perserverence to keep checking my blog, that is.
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