I didn't know if it would ever happen. But Ella has finally formed an attachment to an inanimate object. Her name (I can only assume that it is a she based on her coloring) is Bubbles. Pronounced "bubbm". Thankfully, Ella understands homonyms, because bubbm also refers to actual bubbles produced by hand and hair washing, which I am pleased to say Ella loves to do... If only because it creates those glorious bubbles. Luckily, it is pretty easy to contextually figure out which bubbles Ella is refering to, based on whether there is a sink or tub nearby. If a water source is not present, it is clear that Ella is calling for Bubbles the bunny. Usually because she thinks Bubbles might enjoy a snack or a walk in the stroller or a nap. That child loves putting Bubbles down for naps, then looking up at me and saying "shhhhh". Bubbles must take fifteen naps a day! If only I could get Ella on that schedule.
In any case, it has been fun to watch this blossoming romance. Happy Valentine's Day to all. Ours was wonderful. Two happy couples: Paul and Jess, Ella and Bubbles.

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Susan said...

Forever Uncle Richard will have a place in her heart for the gift of Bubbles :)