On the upside, I now have drapes and a clean house.

Well, it's time for me to blog the events of a month and a half ago. I'm really ready this time, so don't try to convince me to put it off any longer, it won't do any good :) Late in September I made a pilgramage to the Holy Land (Houston). [It's funny-- I didn't start calling it that until we moved to the Land of Desolation (Idaho).] And it was marvelous... but yet another reminder that "winter" means different things to different people.

We left on September 22, the day Ella turned three months, and after my mom picked me up at the airport we spent most of the day at Grandma Polly's. This is a significant day, because Ella's Aunt Joy got her to laugh for the first time ever. These were no little heh heh's. This was a full on giggle. It has taken me weeks to replicate the magnitude of giggling that Aunt Joy brought on. I am pleased to report, however, that Ella does giggle furiously on a regular basis for both her father and me.

As with ever child I have ever encountered, Ella was thrilled with my mom's scooter. You just wouldn't believe all the tire marks they left around the house from pealing out and taking sharp corners. :) Mom and Archie's house was home base during my two week visit to Houston, and we had a blast. Papa Archie rocked Ella to sleep while he was doing his homework. (Or watching football.) (Or both.) And we all bonded over Dancing with the Stars. And although Archie insists he is too manly to enjoy such a show, I percieved that he was secretly enjoying it. Don't hide who you truly are, Arch, embrace your love for Ballroom Dance Reality Shows.

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