Ella Giggles

I'm testing this link (with a really cute video of Ella laughing) to see if I want to use this site in the future. I'll spend time writing later.

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 10/20/08



Susan said...

Love the movies. Bring out the candy and soda and we'll make a night of it :)

Anonymous said...

Hey jess!

I LOVE that video of you and Ella. Ella has such a great giggle. Traci and I both agree that she is Definitely a Blake girl! Anyway, you STILL haven't sent me the pictures you took at my place. Just a reminder! LOL!

I love you!

Jess and Richard said...

So cute! I am sooo excited to come up this weekend! CAn't wait to see you all!