A day of fussiness.

While in Houston, Ella and I drove down to spend a day in League City to see my brothers and sisters. Mom, lives up in Montgomery now, so it's kind of a big drive, but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Well, in reality, Ella was pretty relaxed about the whole day, she was a rock star in the car... but when bed time rolled around she decided that she was ready to assert herself more than usual:

Poor Traci got the brunt of it. She just was not a happy baby. She was really just wanting her mom, which was fine with me, but I wanted to get pictures with Ella and other people, so we developed a system where I would calm Ella down, pass her off, take a quick picture, and then give her back in record time. That is, until Josh took his turn:

No need to pass back this time. Ella loves Josh. Bummer for everyone else who had been cried at that night... but I still think it's funny :)

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