Sudie and Grandpa Jeff's House

For the second year in a row, Susan and Jeff invited all the cousins (that are old enough) to their house for a few days of fun and a big joint "birthday party".  They went swimming, and rock climbing, and made cupcakes and opened presents, and everyone got to pick out their very own candy, which was a totally big deal.  Cereal and Graham Crackers were also part of the fun, treats that my kids pretty much never get. 

I think this picture will go down in history as one of the best cousin pictures ever.

That's Charlotte up at the top, and Jeff helping Ella get started at the bottom.  Apparently they both made it to the top several times.

Here's one with "Baby Tate" (standing next to Max) who you can see is no longer a baby.  He lives in Austin, near Jeff and Susan and got to be part of the festivities, too.  I am guessing it won't be too long before he wants to be a bigger part of the action.


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