Sometimes we get sick.

Runny noses don'y bring us down too much.  We usually just hunker down at home, but otherwise live fairly normal lives.  But vomit is another story.  Our family was recently visited by just such a bug.  As can be expected, it took its time infecting us all, Charlotte started the whole affair by throwing up on Sunday morning, Max's projectile vomiting on Sunday night confirmed that it wasn't "just something she ate".  When Ella got sick on Monday night, I began to lose all hope that I would be spared.  Sure enough, I woke up queasy on Tuesday, but by the grace of God was spared the indignity of actually throwing up.  As flu bugs go, it was pretty mild, and I am grateful for that.  Paul was sick on Tuesday, too, luckily it was relatively mild for him, as well.

The media consumption during such an illness is truly mind-numbing, however.

Ella: "Mom, the show is over!"
Me: "Well, what do you want to do now?"
Ella: "Watch another one?"
Me: "Sure."

Imagine this conversation about twenty times a day.

At one point on Tuesday I insisted that we go outside for some fresh air.  The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful, and I embarked on the walk with high expectations.  I made it all the way to the sidewalk in front of our next door neighbor's house, where I slumped down on the ground for about ten minutes.  After which I announced it was time to go back inside and watch another show.

And so, for a couple of days, we mostly subsisted on the bushel of apples I have sitting in the front entryway waiting to be made into applesauce.  The kids would just wander in there and eat one when they were hungry.  And I would just sit and watch thinking, "I should eat something, but everything sounds gross," never leaving the couch.

Good times.

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