'Cause that's how we roll.

My daughers and I just had the following conversation completely in song.  If you can imagine.

Me:  It smells like poop! Where is the poop!  I can't find any poop!

Ella: Maybe it is in the backyard.  We should go and check.

Me: Or maybe we should go to the Li-bra-ryyyyyy!

Ella: And seeeeeeee if it still smells like poop.

Charlotte: (on a low sustained note) Pooooooop.  Poooooooop.  Pooooooop.

I promise I did not make that up.  Seriously, we should have a tv show.


Emily D said...

I just laughed out loud. You guys are too funny. Did you find the poop?

Jess Christensen said...

Never found it. I deal with it so frequently, it must have just been lingering in my nose. :)