She's no lightweight, herself.

So, I was surprised to find that Max sort of dwarfs Charlotte when she holds him.  He is one hunk of chunk. And we all love this baby.  Charlotte frequently tells me that, "he wants me," and insists on holding him until he cries and she informs me that, "he wants you."  Today she entertained him with colored pencils and a yogurt container while I was cooking dinner.  Win-win.  Except for the risk of impalement.  Whatever.

Ella is getting proficient enough in baby holding for her to hold him for a minute in public (sitting down) while I do something else.  She sat and held him today while I got Charlotte's shoes on as we were leaving the play place.  This may sound boring to everybody else, but it was this huge revelation to me that I have a child who is old enough to help with another child!  That is a game changer, my friends.

I also discovered that the secret to getting your children to mop the floor is not giving them rags to 'skate' on around the kitchen.  (You would think, right?  I thought it was my best mom-idea ever.)  The magic is all in the spray bottle.  Arm those girls with spray bottles and a rag, and they will work forever.  It works well with bathrooms too.  (I use a vinegar and water solution to clean, for those of you who are worried.)

And so, every day my children become more and more competent minions.  And then I begin to question, how could I not homeschool?  It gives us so much more time for them to do my bidding.  I am looking to phase out my own housework altogether in four years, tops.  Delegate.  Delegate.  Delegate.

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Keri and Neal said...

You are obviously a born leader. I am so trying that water bottle thing.