Sometimes he sleeps.

Sometimes he doesn't.

Sometimes it's not his fault.

Is there such a thing as too much love?

But, do you want to know the best part about having a third child?

The fact that this time around, I just don't care what people think about his sleeping habits. I felt really defensive of my girls and their sleeping (which was never stellar during infanthood). I think because it feels like the gauge by which people judge your infant. It is decidedly the question I get most often. "Is he a good sleeper?" or some variation thereof.

With the girls I felt compelled to soften reality. "Oh, she's pretty good." (And by soften reality, I mean lie.)

But, if people judge Max's "goodness" by his sleeping, then so be it. Because this is how it now plays out:
"Oh! He's so sweet! Is he sleeping well?"
"Mmmm, no."

But I'm doing great. And feeling great. In large part because my sweet mother in law made sure I got a nap every day this week. We'll see how I do now that I'm on my own. But I have hope.


Angela S said...

I love your new header! Its great. It is amazing how what you care about changes each time you add another child. Here is hoping this week's new normal is a good one!

Linds said...

I can't wait to snuggle all three of those littles and you (though Paul is probably on his own in this instance). I'm so glad you're doing well. Two more weeks until I see your face in person!