So we moved.

Remember that day that we decided to look for a new place to live? And then exactly six days later we moved into a new house. And now our old ward thinks we're crazy people. Or maybe that we were evicted or something. :)

But really, we just wanted to get it done while Paul had some time off work and we didn't really plan ahead. (Sort of. Long story.)

So now we have a crazy messy house, and I regularly wander around aimlessly and wonder if it will ever get put away.

Probably not.

But I can always find the most important things. You know, my children. And my cell phone.

Just kidding. I can't always find my cell phone.

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Rebekah J Scott said...

I loved people's reactions when they heard you moved! It was a little comical. Don't worry about your new place being messy right now. It will all come together. If you need any help just give us a call. You know we're willing to help however we can and Izzy is ALWAYS ready to come see you guys!