Any guesses on who these girls are?

We spent the better part of an afternoon at my grandma's going through old pictures.

So fun.

Biggest disappointments of the afternoon?

1- I found not even one picture that might land us a spot on

2- I used to think I was so darling as a child. But now, I am so accustomed to looking at Ella, and she looks so much like me, that all the pictures of me just look a little "off".

Oh well, I'll just have to revel in her cuteness. Both my sister and my step-dad thought this picture was of Ella and Charlotte. Except they couldn't figure out why Charlotte didn't really look like herself. :)

***Update. I just showed this picture to Paul. He looked at it and said, "Whos's the little girl on the left?". I told him, "Laurel," and he said, "Whoa. It's official. Ella is going to look just like you."***


Susan said...

That's almost a little unnerving! Wow!

Angela said...

Yeah that is startling!!!! Very cool though.

Emily D said...

I knew she looked like you! I actually realized that not too long ago.
I enjoy reading your blog!