Pregnancy, so far.

Some fun facts about this pregnancy:

This is the first pregnancy that I have had actual, specific cravings.  Prior pregnancies my cravings have been for food in general.  Basically everything sounded good.  But there was one afternoon that I actually hauled my kids to the store and bought corndogs to satisfy a craving.  (I know, I throw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it, now.  Gross.)  Other cravings include meat and dairy, which were just not a big part of my life before. I ate them, but just didn't cook with them a ton.  We've had to restructure our food budget to include meat.

This pregnancy I had major nausea.  Never vomited.  But there was a lot of laying on the couch, wallowing in my own sorrow.  I know it's not as bad as all you people out there who have to go to the hospital to get re-hydrated because you can't keep anything down, and I'm not trying to compare.  But it was absolutely debilitating.  Thankfully, it is over, and my house is starting to recover.  Thank you Paul, for many late nights doing dishes.

I am an absolute sleepaholic.  Early to bed, late to rise.  Naps whenever I can get them.  The television has become far too great an influence in this home.  This week I am pledging to go TV-free.  No Blues Clues, no Dinosaur Train, no Calliou.  Calliou bugs me anyway.  He is so whiny.  But the girls love that show, and so this is how Ella asks for Calliou:  "Mom, can I watch Calliou?  I promise I won't whine like he does."  So far, so good.  Two days down.  They haven't even asked for a show.  We did spend the morning dancing around to the best of John Phillip Sousa.

I felt the first kicks around fifteen weeks, and I can already feel little bit kicking on the outside of my stomach. Paul hasn't felt this yet, because we no longer go to bed at the same time, and bedtime used to be our "lay in bed with your hand resting on our unborn child" time.  We are going to have to figure something else out.

I don't know if it's the fatigue, or the extra hormones, or what, but I absolutely cannot abide going to the grocery store with two children anymore.  So I have given up daytime grocery shopping.  Weekends or mornings are when it gets done (I am too tired at night).  Or not at all, and we just eat plain beans.  Paul is so lucky to have me as his personal chef.

Ella is pretty thrilled about the new baby and constantly tells me how helpful she will be when the baby comes.  Charlotte consistently asks if she can hold the baby.  It'll be fun to see how it all works out when reality strikes.

I taught a Relief Society lesson, where one section addressed the Law of Chastity.  I told the sisters there that sometimes this principle gets glazed over since "most of us get to practice our powers of procreation on a regular basis."  I wanted to add, "As you can see," while gesturing to my burgeoning belly.  But I didn't.

Conclusion:  I eat all the time.  I'm tired all the time.  And I think I have started to waddle when I'm really tired.  I think the pregnancy test was accurate.


Keri and Neal said...

Please feel free to drop off your kids in the morning, you can stop and get yourself an In-N-Out burger for the ride home and nap when you get there. You can come pick them up at dinnertime and I will feed you and pack something to take home to your hubby when he gets there. Really. No, REALLY.

Rebekah J Scott said...

Dude, corn dogs are awesome!

Tim and Katie Jean said...

I adore you. And you're so cute when youre pregnant. So, go forward with good cheer my friend, because you will look smoking hot with your cute baby bunp. Congrats!