The hidden side of the foot photo.

In early November (or maybe mid) we attended a hot air ballon festival with Richard and Jess and Soren. We were five weeks pregnant and wanted to do something cute to announce the birth of number three. So we had the other Christensens take some foot photos with the intention of making them into personalized cards for the family. (which we did and it was a great success) What we did not plan for was two very tired girls at the end of a long day. We had literally sixty four pictures where at least one child was kicking their feet in protest, or wandering off, or other such nonsense.

How did we finally make the magic happen, you ask?

Each girl in this particular photo was engrossed with an iPhone. Even Paul, who is pretty strict with his phone, relinquished it for the greater good.

We cropped that part out. Obviously.

Good times.

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Susan said...

I love it! You can tell that cute story to Max/Mable when he grows up.