The Mazdarati

That is what I like to call our 2000 Mazda Protege.  It's a pretty hot little number.  If you are looking for a car, we could make you a great deal.  Here are the specs.

-  It has 190,000 miles.
-  The radio doesn't work.  Neither does the cd player or clock, or the cigarette lighter.  So, is you are looking for a way to be cut off from the world in every way when you're traveling in the Mazdarati, this is the car for you.
-  The power-steering fluid leaks.
-  We haven't replaced any filters (except the oil) since the Bush Administration.  His first term in office.
-  The exhaust manifold is being held together by electrical tape.  Don't worry, we keep extra in the glove box for when it wears out.  We will throw that roll in for F-R-E-E.  I told you it was a good deal.
-  The "check engine" light makes regular appearances.  But do we ever?  No.
-  The overdrive light flashes.  Sometimes, but not all the time.  Paul is sort of relived when it stops flashing.  Like maybe the car is healing itself somehow.
-  The air conditioner works great when you're on the freeway and not stuck in traffic, but due to a busted engine fan, I would not recommend it in more taxing situations. 
-  Check out its impressive gas milage:  32 mpg freeway.  14 mpg city.  Don't even ask.

Now, here is the thing that really gives our car class.  (And incidentally, the straw that finally broke Paul's camel's back.  He is finally ready for a new car.)

The driver's side window is being held up by duct tape.  

We like to consider this "custom detailing".  

This is its most recent ailment.  And after many months of saying "This car just has to last us until graduation."  We can finally agree that it has.  And move on.  It will drive us to Dallas, and hopefully, no where else.


Richard said...

Our drivers side door was held up by duct tape...but then I took the door panel off and put wooden dowels under the window to prop the window up. Only our passenger side window works

Jess Christensen said...

Yeah, your dad was telling us to do that. It happened just a few days before we came to New Hampshire. I'm guessing Paul will give it a try when we get back... but I can always hold out for it failing, right? All I want in life is for that car to die already. And Paul has informed me that his pride cannot take a car held together by duct tape. :)