More weird parenting.

I read this article on our country's declining Creativity Quotient in Newsweek ages ago. When I stumbled on this article recently, I was impressed by many of the principles that will almost certainly help to reverse that trend.

Let's face it.  I'm always looking for things to reinforce my parenting philosophies.  I like feeling right.  :)  And then I don't have to be haunted by the "you-must-be-crazy!" face that my friends give me when I tell them that I got rid of most of Ella's toys.


Sarah and Troy said...

Great articles. My boys really only ever play with balls, my kitchen bowls and my spoons in the mud. I wish I was as brave as you and could let myself get rid of the rest.

Jess Christensen said...

Not brave. Lazy. I just got sick of picking them up. Ella's a great helper for a two year old, but not good enough.

I think this might all go back to "Reject Cleaning Checks".