Roughing It.

I think we look pretty good after a day of camping, don't you?

It's hard not to look good when you're in our family.

Basically, we're hot.

Or pre-hot, as the case may be.

You'll get there soon enough, girls.

In other news, I found an article (read: blog post) that articulates so concisely the benefits of attachment parenting. (Sometimes I like to call blog posts "articles" to legitimize my reading them.  Is that misleading?)  She addresses some principles that I've been thinking about posting for a while, but haven't, for a number of reasons.  Mostly because I have a lot of thoughts and not a lot of time, but I also didn't know if anyone would care :)  Anyhow, just thought I would share.


Sarah and Troy said...

I care and I agree. I had so much less time to worry about doing things the "right" way by the time we had Chase. Because of that we cuddled more, I nursed him longer and I've enjoyed him more. I also wasn't pregnant and throwing up all day which might have had something to do with it. I wish I could see you with your girls because it sure sounds like you're a great mom.

Linds said...

The only things missing in that picture are me, and Clark, and mountains.

I'm glad you are publicly advocating your parenting views. Sharing is caring. I'm realizing that we all influence each other more than we know, so we may as well be doing it intentionally.

Love you.