Brave. Brave. Brave.

Oh yes we did.  We went camping.  With two littles.

Are you so impressed with our daring?

The girls were great.  Happy, with very few exceptions.

One of those exceptions being a very unfortunate encounter with the side of a pond.  All this little girl wanted to do was throw some rocks in the water.  And after she was swallowed by the mud, all she wanted was some love and attention.  But what did her dad do?  He got out the camera.  I guess I'm not much better, I did step aside briefly so he could get a good shot.

We were the only people in our camping area.  No one wanted the "non-electrical" sites.  And the bathroom was a distant trek.  But it was nice and secluded.  And cheap.  And that is the Christensen way.


The Jacksons said...

You guys are great parents! She will appreciate it one day that you did grab the camera first. :)

Emily and Tinoa said...

Oh my, Jess, I just love your blog. I read this post and have started to pester Tinoa about going camping. We are definitely going soon. Looks like way to fun. You are definitely brave. :)

Emily and Tinoa said...

Correction. TOO fun. I am still a Linguistics major at heart. :)