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Who says you don't take pictures of the second baby? We have tons. Featured here. Not in any sort of order at all. It's been a busy couple of weeks getting settled in the "City House". I would load more, but this internet is so SLOW! Pictures forthcoming: Clark and Linds in Dallas! (with us.)

Paul, with his goatee. (He's clean-shaven now.) And Aunt La-La.
In the lake last weekend.
"Why is everyone staring at me?" Charlotte and Grandma Polly at our Mother's Day party.
Aunt Rachel and the baby on the boat last weekend. So much fun.
The mini-mustache.
My personal favorite from Paul's facial hair. The hick. All he needs is a mullet.

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Tim and Katie Jean said...

mwa ha ha ha ha ha. I love the handlebar moustache. it's strangely creepy. Girls Camp is coming and I miss you!