Thanks, little helper of mine.

We bought a toddler bed for Ella. Mostly because we didn't want to buy another crib, and we don't have room for a twin bed (that we already own, but is not assembled) and a crib. We discussed several options before going the toddler bed route. The most memorable option being "Why don't we just put the twin bed mattress on the floor in the front entry-way at night, and stash it in the closet during the day, and Ella can sleep there." You may be able to guess whose idea that was.
I promptly informed Paul that it doesn't matter how poor we are, Ella is not a hobo. She gets a bed. And imagine the bitterness that might begin mounting when a new baby comes to take both her bed and her room.
I picked up the bed last night and Ella and I put it together this morning. It took me about seven minutes to realize that it did not matter where I hid the screws. She would find them and play with them, so I gave up. She was the keeper of the screws.

Until I was finished assembling the bed. Shen then took the screwdriver from screw to screw making sure they were all tight enough.

What a great helper I have. She took a nap on her new bed this afternoon. It was about half as long as usual. I'm hoping that's not a bad omen for what's coming tonight. Wish me luck!


doting mom said...

How did you get such a darling baby!! She is just toooooo cute!

The Jacksons said...

Ha ha! What cute pictures. How fun to have her in a big girl bed.
Her smile is to die for!

Emily said...

She is absolutely precious! The transition to toddler was quite difficult for Gabe but he has never been a good sleeper. Garrett moved to it quite easily and it did not really disrupt his sleeping at all. Good luck to you!

saiia rhia said...

good baby