Good Morning!

Can life really get any better than this? I woke up this morning to a little girl giggling in my ear. She was so pleased she found us in a dark, quiet house, I suppose. I lifted her into bed with us, where she turned over and said, "Dad! Hi!". Except when she says 'hi', it is disyllabic, sounding like this: "ha-eee". Honestly, it is just not fair for all the other families in the world that I got the cutest girl ever in existence.


Jess and Richard said...

That is so fun and cute!

Norma said...

Hi Jess, I have just stumbled on your blog entirely be accident (just flicking thru the 'next blog' as I do now and then) and I wonder if I can have your permission to post your gorgeous header photo (either acknowledged to you or anonymously) on my blog sometime as an 'inspiration' for how to construct old cottage windows with shutters. I'm a miniaturst (been at that for a while, but new to blogging), my blog is at - you can find my email there on my profile - or just leave a comment here as I've enabled the 'email followup comments' facility here.

Is it too late to wish your family a Happy Thanksgiving? I live in Australia so don't know about Thanksgiving protocol :)

Best regards, Norma (Sydney, Aus)