Not quite a year ago, when my sweet Ella was much too young for me to even consider having another baby, I was rocking her to sleep and I just really felt like a new little spirit child was ready to join our family. I could have sworn it was a little boy spirit. And I was so not ready for another baby, boy or girl, but I knew it would be time sooner than I thought.

I decided that I would wait until Ella turned one, and then we could try to get pregnant again. Paul agreed to this plan... but only because, he later informed me, he thought it would take six months to get pregnant the second time, because it took six months to get pregnant the first time. Someone did not explain how the reproductive process works well enough to Paul. He knows now. We got pregnant a week before Ella's first birthday.

So naturally, my thoughts turned to that quiet morning last winter, when I knew a new baby would join our family sooner than later. And I was just sure little Max was speaking to me from across the veil (metaphorically speaking I mean. It was more intuitive than spiritual.) And so I was really excited for this ultrasound, to confirm my women's intuition.

Well, Paul and I have decided that if Max ever wants to join our family, he is going to have to wait. Because Charlotte got here first. And it is too bad that he was so busy poking around in the Spirit World to jump on the last mortality train, because we don't have another one leaving for a good long time. Like five years. Some families can have all of their kids right in a row, but that was not our plan. I made an exception for Max once and I'm not going to do it again :)

But we are thrilled that Charlotte is coming to join us soon! I love having sisters, and we can always hope that Ella didn't inheirit her mother's or her father's propensity to torment and shame her younger sister. We are glad Laurel and Carolyn are so resiliant. Let's hope Charlotte has the same strength... and that she won't need it.


The Jacksons said...

YAY!! Congrats. I am SO excited for you. That is my dream, to have two close girls in age! You are sure lucky! Love you!

Jess and Richard said...

CONGRATS! I had no idea you guys were going to find out already...for some reason I was thinking you had like another month til you found out...CONGRATS!

Linds said...

I can't wait to meet her!

It's unfortunate that she is already at a disadvantage because Ella is the best and cutest baby girl ever.

But, maybe they can tie for first.

Christina G. said...

Congrats on another girl! And... cute story :)

Debbie said...

Your odds are good for adorable baby girl! Congratulations! As a parent of 2 children 15 months apart, it's a lot less expensive if you don't have to buy all new clothes. Poor Brucie is almost the same size as Clark and I feel a little embarrassed that his shirts seem to be looking a little short lately. :)

Sarah and Troy said...

That wasn't fair of Max to do something like that to you.

Tim and Katie Jean said...

Oh! Hooray! I agree with Linds. Charlotte is going to have some FIERCE competition with Ella on being super cute. Congrats.

Jill-O said...

Ooooh I love the name Charlotte! We can call her Charlie! How freakin' cute.