Drumroll please...

Paul is finished applying for graduate schools!! (Unless we have to resort to the backup schools, whose applications are due later in the summer.) It's the essays that were all the work. The last school we applied to (Notre Dame) was the easiest by far, because we just cut and paste from all of the other essays that Paul wrote for the other schools. They only had one original essay question, out of four. It was: "What, outside of work, inspires you?" My question is, is anyone inspired by work? I am not. At least not the kind that people pay me for. I wish I could get paid to be inspired.
I have considered starting my own church for this very reason. I think I would make an excellent preacher. I liked doing the full-time religion thing, too. The mission was great. Unfortunately, starting a not-true church just might not have the same appeal. Yeah, I guess I'll stick with Truth.
In any case, we are done for now, which really opens Paul's schedule up for: HOUSEWORK!! Yea! He is the stay-at-home parent! No more bathroom cleaning for me, friends. No more vacuuming, or sweeping. And luckily, I never did dishes before, so I am anticipating a pretty sweet lifestyle. Just in time for Mother's Day.


The Jacksons said...

You crack me up. I love reading your posts.
I am glad Paul is done applying. Did he do well on his test? I am sure he did. I can't wait to hear where you will end up!

Tyla Majors said...

You are so funny, Jess! Notre Dame, huh? Sounds like you guys have a cool adventure ahead of you :)

Jill-O said...

Yay! Congratulations. When will you find out? Post that--I need to know. I am excited for you three. And just for the record--Ella is gorgeous, just like her Mommy.