Bring on the heat.

We are in Sunny Arizona this week for Paul's interview at ASU. Carolyn, Paul's sister lives here, so this trip has turned into a fun weekend with her. His interview went great, and we've spent our time basically enjoying the beautiful heat.

Today we visited a hotel resort, and enjoyed the luxury therein. And by visit I mean, snuck in. In our defense, it should have not been so easy if they really didn't want the public to take advantage of their marvelous amenities. They had a lazy river, complete with complimentary tubes, and a waterslide. Ella was too short to ride, but we all took turns holding her so everybody got a chance to go. Seriously fun day. I have a feeling it was made even more fun by the fact that we really weren't "supposed" to be there....

Sweet Ella fell asleep half-way through, so we wrapped her in towels and let her nap on a lounge chair while her Aunt Carolyn sunbathed.

We live a good life.


The Jacksons said...

What a fun weekend trip! I am anxious to hear where you guys will end up. I am super excited for you! I love you!

~Mary said...

Looks like you had a great time!
Its too cold in Scotland to ever swim outdoors...I'm jealous!

Your munchkin is SUPER cute!