New Plan

I've become woefully lazy in my blogging lately, and since it's turned into a glorified Instagram account, I decided to just switch over to Instagram. So, for those of you who check my blog, you can now go to to find pictures of our family. My handle is jessicjoy (notice, it is missing the 'a' on Jessica). Grandma Christensen might be the only person who still reads my blog, and I love you for it, Grandma.

For those of you who don't know, you can go to and make an account really quickly by signing in through Facebook. Then search for my Instagram name (jessicjoy), and click follow. I made my account private, so after you follow me, I will approve you, and then you'll be able to see all my pictures. You can check Instagram online just like you can check my blog, so I'm hoping it will be as easy for you (talking to you, Grandma). :)

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Emily said...

I read your blog! I will try to follow you on instagram but that is a little high tech and newfangled for me. :) Your family is seriously too cute for words and I want to snuggle each of your darling children.