White Sands National Monument

This was the most incredible park ever. Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, with some 300 square miles of white sand dunes, they actually sell sleds at the gift shop and encourage you to slide down the dunes. It was a blast. You never really get going fast enough to risk injury (besides, um, you just land in the sand) but it is definitely fast enough to be totally fun.  The kids had a blast, sledding and building sand castles and just generally frolicking.

Ella made a friend and they spent most of their time going down on a sled together. Which was more than fine with us since that meant we got more turns on our sleds. (Her friends family had one sled per person, but we, of course, are far too cheap to invest in sleds for all. Two sleds between the six of us. We were only going to buy one, but someone gave us one for free when they were done.)

The best part about the day, well, another great part of the day, was the way our children just flopped into bed and went right to sleep.

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