Hygiene is for suckers

Me: Girls, you have to take a shower today.
Charlotte: Why?
Me: Because you are soooooo dirty!
Charlotte (smelling her knee): I don't smell bad! I smell like chicken!

For those of you worried, they did bathe. So my children smell like actual humans now. Not chickens.


Beth said...

Ha ha! That's great. I smelled Rosie the other day and she smelled like a puppy. Chicken is even better.

Emily said...

When I saw the title, I was hoping for something about not showering since last year. Although 5 days in is a little much...... :)

Keri and Neal said...

But we love chickens!

Sarah and Troy said...

I'd be more worried if they asked to bathe. This way makes me sure they're your kids :)