Jump rope and other stuff

Basically life is good. You can't tell from this picture, but my kids kind of stink at jump rope. This observation is based on me comparing them to all the other homeschooling kids in our group. I'm Charlotte's defense, she was the youngest.  But Ella was most definitely not.

Don't worry, I am not disillusioned. But it did make me think that maybe we should extend our gross motor skills practice beyond nature walks and crazy living room dancing...

Also, I wrote a kind of long post about ice skating last month and somehow it got lost in the cyberspace. But know this, Ella didn't exactly excel at ice skating either. Also know that she spent a solid hour and  a half stinking at ice skating and I honestly couldn't have been more proud. I imagine I would have given up long before that. So proud.

But we could definitely work on gross motor skills....

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Emily said...

They may not be the best at ice skating or jumping rope but I bet they looked good doing it. :) They are sooooo cute!!!