Tooth fairies

Ella lost her first tooth on Sunday! She was thrilled. Paul and I were thrilled. And Paul's parents were actually in town, so they were here when we pulled it out.

Well, we didn't pull really at all. Every time I tried to stick my fingers in her mouth Ella would shut it. Finally it just wiggled out.

We did forget to put money under her pillow that night. I felt like such a jerk. But Paul covered and said that sometimes the tooth fairy came during breakfast. And we had a nice time thinking up reasons why she might have been late.

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Beth said...

Ha ha! Don't feel bad. I forgot on Joshua's second tooth. I think it was good for him to recognize, and not too much of a stretch either, that the tooth fairy is a very busy lady and if she didn't make it on time, she would eventually. :D He was fine with her coming the following night.