And he's off!

This guy took his first steps this week. Ella and Charlotte actually witnessed it first. They ran to tell me that he took steps all by himself, and truthfully, I wasn't sure exactly what they witnessed. But sure enough, a couple of hours later, he walked a step or two for me.

This is really one of the most fun stages of childhood. Kids learn so much so fast at this age. In addition to walking he has started talking, which is always a nice skill to have. I have lists of Ella's first words lovingly recorded in her baby book. Max will have to make do with a blog post.

He says:
Ella (both Ella and Charlotte are called this.)
Amen (after, and often during a prayer.)
Good (As in, "how are you ?", he answers "good", except it sounds like 'guh')
Tada! (This was his first word. He learned it from Ella, who does alot of magic tricks.)
"Rawr" means animal
"Mwah" means kiss
I count the last two as words because he consistently uses them to convey a concept... But we didn't exactly teach him those.

He does kiss us, frequently and passionately, with his mouth wide open and his tongue sticking out. If Paul and I kiss while I'm holding Max, he insists upon a follow-up kiss with each of us. He is such an affectionate kid. We all just dote on him. Everybody does, actually.  He is such a flirt. He loves to make eye contact with people and then half hide his face while giving them a coy smile. He spends a lot of time waving to strangers, so I get a lot of waves back from random people. Its quite fun. I've never had such a social baby.

And there you have it, folks. The highlight reel for Maxwell J at 11 months. 

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