When asked Nature vs. Nurture, I am a Nature woman all the way. (Or at least most of the way.)

I could write for days about this, but sufficeth to say, I think most of our kids' choices are a reflection on themselves and not their parents.

But on the subject of bugs, I have triumphed over Nature, and taught my children to like bugs. Or, at least I taught Charlotte.  Ella has always liked bugs (Nature again). Charlotte, however, has been known to do the high-pitched squeal of terror when encountering even the most harmless of insects. I have worked very hard to stamp that out, and this is a picture of her and Ella passing a potato bug back and forth. The bug is not visible, so you will just have to trust me on this one.

Mission accomplished.

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Jess and Richard said...

Soren is TERRIFIED of potato bugs! He can do horses, dogs, etc. but not potato bugs! Strange...