On Mobility.

It has been a long journey for my little guy.  Back in November he started pivoting himself around while laying on his tummy, and not long after that developed the "scoot and roll" where he would combine pivoting and rolling to achieve short distances.  I was sure crawling would soon follow, but month after month after month showed me that I was wrong.

Finally, a month or two ago, he started army crawling, combined with spending long-ish periods of time on his hands and knees.  Now, I thought, crawling is imminent.  But after several weeks of waiting, he then progressed to army crawling to the couch and pulling himself to standing.

By this time, I had pretty much given up on cross-crawling.  But this week he decided to crawl.  The very first crawl I witnessed was last Saturday morning when I got home from an activity and he crawled to greet me.  It was not very far.  But slowly he has improved his technique, and he's getting pretty good.  He still goes back and forth between crawling and army crawling, and sometimes he starts cross-crawling somewhere and gets distracted half-way through and finishes the journey with an army crawl.  It's pretty cute.

So now he's a champ at pulling himself to standing on whatever he can find, and I swear he's trying to stand up without holding on to something, too.  He seems pretty far from accomplishing that goal, but as it turns out, I sort of stink at predicting his developmental milestones, so I guess we'll just wait and see. :)

Photo: Ella and Charlotte at this cool aquarium we went to for a homeschool field trip.

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