We celebrated the Pagan elements of Easter on Saturday this year. This is a step up (or down, depending on how you look at it) from past years when we have ignored the Easter Bunny altogether.

You might remember that we pretty much ignore Santa too. This has nothing to do with any qualms I have about lying to my children. Just my own personal struggle to merge the sacred and secular in a way that feels comfortable for me.

But I knew this year I wanted to try Easter baskets, and so I have been talking about the Easter Bunny for a while. (Like, a week.) So I thought there might be some 'magical' element to an elusive bunny leaving a trail of jelly beans around our house. It was absolutely a hit, and the girls loved it. But after finding baskets and digging into their candy Ella said, "Thanks for the candy, Mom." So it is safe to say that she doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny either.

Oh well. There's always the tooth fairy!


Beth said...

Ha ha, so cute. I need to try that next year. Maybe this is so bad, I don't know, but we did our Easter egg hunt at the Perry Museum :D And the plants seem to be growing nicely. I hope Troyia wouldn't mind us hiding a bunch of Easter eggs there :D

Keri and Neal said...

In our house this is the how the totem pole works regarding the importance of mythical creatures: Top is Santa, then Easter Bunny, the wee leprechaun (we try to trap and causes mischief),the then the Summer Fairy (that takes Sophie's shorts away so she can dress appropriately in the winter), and maybe then the tooth fairy because we haven't even discussed her yet. I am totally okay with lying to my kids because I am way more about fun than raising well-rounded, healthy kids. Usually, we do most our secular springtime stuff the week before Easter week so we can bring the focus back to Christ. Christmas is a lot harder to separate so we just enjoy both.